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Akaka Falls


Hawaii Networks
& Technology Services

Hilo, Hawaii  based - Providing Statewide Technology Services, Solutions and Consultations on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, the Big Island & the Western United States

Home User Services include:

* Networking for home Personal Computers
* Anti-virus, Spyware, Parental Controls
* Internet Setup and Configuration
* Hardware & Software Repair and Installation
* Education, Hardware & Software Recommendations

Business Services include:

* Networking for Windows, Mac, Linux, OS/2
* Web Site Design/Social Media Consulting
* Anti-virus, Spyware, Corporate Controls
* Hardware & Software Repair and Installation
* 24 hours and/or Emergency  Availability

To speak to an technician, arrange a site or home visit, receive a rate quote, or inquire about a service...please contact us at:


phone: (323) 989-2639

...and please connect with us on:

Hawaii Networks on Facebook

Hawaii Networks on Twitter

Hawaii Networks on MySpace

Satisfied Business Customers include:

IBM           Comerica Bank

         KITV Channel 12
                  HonoluluReed Island Designs

Pacific Repairs (Hawaii)        

                    Technology Services links

Microsoft Support

IBM Support

HP/Compaq Support

Dell Support

                                   Free Internet Services

Email Services Reviews                Google Email

Yahoo Email                                   Lycos Email


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